Thursday, February 6, 2014

2nd Annual Aviation Geek Breakfast 2014

2nd Annual Aviation Geek Breakfast 2014

Open breakfast to all #AVGeeks attending Aviation Geek Fest 2014.

Saturday February 15th, Starting at 8:30am
Mukilteo's Speedway Cafe
11707 Mukilteo Speedway
Mukilteo, Wa 98275

***Thursday Update***
If you arrive at the restaurant on Saturday before 8:30, please inform the restaurant staff you're part of the big party coming that morning. Please ask them to set up as many big tables as possible for the group. I told them at minimum 30 people were coming. Hopefully they'll be something like 3 tables for 10 people each or something like that. Also, read their menu ahead of time so you can tell them your order when you're seated to speed things up. See everyone Saturday!

Please provide me with a RSVP by February 12th if you plan to attend with how many in your party. It’s open to anyone attending Aviation Geek Fest. I want to give the restaurant as much heads up as possible as to how many people plan to be there. Last years first Breakfast had about 20 people. I expect to double that this year. RSVP by contacting me via email at with the subject line AVGeek Breakfast or by Twitter at @JetCityStar. Here's a list listed alphabetically by last name of who I have so far as of Thursday February 6th. I will update this page every couple days with new names attending.

***Updated List as of Feb 13, at 7:00 pm Pacific Standard Time***

Isaac Alexander
John Anderson
Matt Baillie
Trev Batstone
 Ben Bearup
Beth Ann Bearup
Maggie Bradley +1
Hans Cathcart
Bob Connolly
Thomas Cook
Ryan Ewing +1
Benjamin Granucci
Kai Hansen
Peter Harders
Henry Harteveldt
Daniel Hyatt
Ian Kluft
Andrew Kolstad
Tom Korocz
Jerry +1
Joe Kunzler
Joe Liston
Tim Logan
Jason Malinowski
Philip McKenzie
Melody Meakins
Evan Ng
Steve Okay
Thom Patterson
Shalom Rubdi
Greg Ryder
Nancy Ryder
Andrea Sargent
Howard Slutsken
David Staples
Paul Thompson
Charlie Worcester
See everyone on the 15th!

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