Monday, March 28, 2016

1st Annual Aviation Geek Wrap Up Feast 2016

1st Annual Aviation Geek Wrap Up Feast 2016

Open dinner to all #AVGeeks attending Aviation Geek Fest 2016.
#AVGeekWrapUpFeast #AGFSEA16

*****Updated New Start Time*****

Sunday April 10th  
5:00pm - 6:30pm

Claim Jumper
5901 South 180th St
Tukwila, WA 98188
Phone: (206) 575-3918

***Updated Information as of April 7th, at 11:00 pm Pacific Standard Time Scroll to bottom***

Here's some brief instructions for attending the Wrap Up Feast .
1. When you arrive at Claim Jumper restaurant, be sure to inform the restaurant staff that you're with the aviation party. They'll take you to the back part of the restaurant to eat. Feel free if you're just by yourself to join a table that just has one other, or a table of three. We're all pretty friendly.
2. Myself(Isaac Alexander), will be scarfing down my food as quickly as possible, and then I'll be going from table to table to visit everyone that's attending. Towards the end of the feast, I plan to make a few words to everyone there. 
3. Please after we're there at the restaurant to thank the staff there. They're going out of their way to make sure we have a great time there.

The AVGeek Wrap Up Feast is the new "spiritual" successor to the AVGeek Breakfast. It's a chance to get re-energized up for the evening with good food and great company. Nothing better to end the weekend festivities then to share a meal with fellow aviation enthusiasts from across the globe. It's fantastic to know that the love of aviation is truly global.

For the Wrap Up Feast, please provide me with a RSVP by Wednesday April 6th if you plan to attend and how many are in your party. It’s open to anyone attending Aviation Geek Fest as well as Aviation Geeks who aren't. I want to give the restaurant as much heads up as possible as to how many people plan to be there. I expect it to increase again this year. RSVP by contacting me via email at with the subject line AVGeek Breakfast or by Twitter at @JetCityStar. Here's a list listed alphabetically by last name of who I have so far as of Thursday April 7th. I will update this page every couple days with new names attending.

*****Updated list as of April 7th*****

Please note. I have 13 people reserved. If you wish to join us though, I cannot guarantee you'll have space at the restaurant by us. When you come to the restaurant, mention my name(Isaac) or the Aviation party. Please show up as close to 5 pm as possible!
Isaac Alexander
Neil Bradon
Trevor Brandl +1
Max Flight
Tracey Forsyth +1
Tonei Glavinic

Jonathan Leopando
Ken McQuillan
John Moore
John Roach
Shirantha Samarappuli

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