Monday, April 11, 2016

Aviation Geek Fest 2016 Breakfast Trivia

Aviation Geek Fest 2016 was a resounding success this past weekend. Thank you for all that attended and were a part of a very special weekend of sharing a passion about aviation. This year the AVGeek Breakfast became an official part of the programming. One of the things this year to make the breakfast unique was we had people at various tables team up to answer some aviation themed trivia questions and win some prizes. I've had some requests to make these questions public with the answer so here you go! #AGFSEA16


1. Besides "The Boeing Company", name an “entity” that is celebrating a Centennial in Aviation in 2016.  There are three of them.

2. Man has dreamt of flying for thousands of years,(think of Icarus). It didn't happen, though, until the latter part of the 18th Century. Who is credited with the first 'lighter than air' flight?

3. The three dynamics of flight are yaw, pitch, & what? 

4. You are in the terminal of an airport and you see a FIDS. What are you looking at?

5. In 1873, Jules Verne wrote "Around the World in Eighty Days", a story about a wager to achieve that aim, the original plan being to do so by a combination of rail and steamship. In 1929, a flying machine flew around the world in 20 days. What was its name?

6. What does ETOPS mean in the aviation industry?

7. If one engine in an airplane is good, imagine how much better it would be with two - or four! Which country can claim to be the birthplace of multi-engined flight?

1. A. Dassault Aviation   B. Aviation Week  C. United States Coast Guard
2. Montgolfier brothers
3. Roll
4. Flight Information Display System
5. Graf Zeppelin
6. Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards
7. Russia by Igor Sikorsky Bolshoi


  1. Actually, Isaac, you were wrong about what ETOPS stands for. The definition changed a couple years ago and is now (per

    ETOPS is an aviation acronym for "Extended Operations."

  2. I go with the FAA definition. They're both correct answers. How can that be? Because the original definition was the above while the one you quote in Wiki, is the current definition.

  3. Isaac,

    Do you have a link to the Flickr page (or any other place) where folks who attended this year are placing their photos?

    Thanks for keeping things "on-course".

  4. Apologies John for not seeing your post. Here's your link.

  5. Apologies John for not seeing your post. Here's your link.